31 of 100 – Am I Still Worried?

Worry is useless. It drains you. It wears you out. It increases your stress levels. Yet it comes back over and over again to haunt you. Just when I think I have it under control, it raises its head unexpectedly and takes over.

My wife and three daughters moved out of our place yesterday. We are staying at our in-laws while our belongs sit in two trucks in the driveway of our new place. It won’t be available for us to move in until Thursday.

I’m worried about my belongings. I’m worried about all the expenses. I’m worried about the work that’s falling behind as I focus on the move.

Worry, worry, worry.

Note to self: Worrying accomplishes NOTHING. It drains you, makes you less patient and more likely to lose your temper. Relax. Pray. Snap out of it.

Jorge Lazaro Diaz