41 of 100 Accept Responsibility for Yourself

I could cry about all this is going wrong in my life. I can celebrate all this is going right. I have a choice. I can see my life as if I were a buoy hopelessly bobbing in the ocean at the mercy of the elements or I can see myself and working to deal with what life has to throw at me knowing I am doing my best to move ahead.

When I look at my life as a whole, I have a lot of positives. I had a good upbringing from first generation Cuban immigrants. My wife of 31 plus years and I have raised three adult daughters. Two are contributing citizens working good jobs. The third just finished her sophomore year in college. I had a birthday last week and invited over a house full of family, friends – the loved ones in my life – to enjoy time together with food, wine and music.

My life has its shortcomings. I run my own business. I work demanding hours. I sometimes struggle to make ends meet give the up and downs on my income. Sure I wish I had more saving to buffer me through those rough patches.

First of all, I have to get perspective. As difficult as things might get, I’m doing alright. The sky is not falling. My worse case horror scenario is not going to happen. I don’t have to become a victim licking my wounds and hurting.

I can and should count my blessing. I’ve only listed a few of them here, but my God had shined the light on my and there’s nothing that should be cause for me to be complaining.

Just as important, I have to accept responsibility for getting where I am today. I can go into “poor me” mode regretting decisions I made in the past that make today harder than it would be otherwise. I can also considering looking at my life as a path getting me to just this right moment where I am poised for greatness.

I choose to roll up my proverbial sleeves, pray for the best, expect the worst, but regardless work creatively to take the next steps to get to where I want to be.

Note to self: Just do it.

Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Owner's Headlamp is Jorge's brain child. He wishes he had something like this when he started his business. As president and found of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, he's learned that isolated entrepreneurs need resources that aren't really available out there. You'll here him say, "You may do alright, but lonely, isolated business owners with no accountability to anyone outside themselves, can easily fall short of their full potential and become completely miserable - the family too."

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