51 of 100 You Can Never See It the Same Way Again

You’ve may have already seen a picture like the one below. The picture has two images in it.  You see one image versus the other based on your perspective or bias before you saw it.

old-lady-young-lady So here’s the question. Do you see an old lady or a young lady?

Click on the image. It will show you both the old and the young lady. Notice that once you see both images, you can’t not see them.

A lot of things are like that. We all have our unique perspective. We have a point of view based on who we are, what we know, and our life experiences. Our point of view is influenced by our beliefs many of which are deeply seated. They are not easily changed.

I’m not a proponent of accepting and appreciating everyone’s point of view blindly. I know some people’s beliefs and perspectives to conflict with mine. Some are mistaken in my opinion and other’s are down right evil and a detriment to everyone.

What I do believe is we should do our best to understand each other. We need to try to see things how others see if only to understand them. We don’t have to agree with then. we should just try and understand the other’s point of view. It would help us all get along better.

This isn’t always easy for me, but I make an effort to listen to other’s perspectives. I sometimes have to cringing inside convinced this person should be smacked on the side of their head for what I think is an idiotic perspective. But by understanding them, I can do a better job of responding in a way that takes us forward in a positive way versus a negative way with people getting offended.

Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Owner's Headlamp is Jorge's brain child. He wishes he had something like this when he started his business. As president and found of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, he's learned that isolated entrepreneurs need resources that aren't really available out there. You'll here him say, "You may do alright, but lonely, isolated business owners with no accountability to anyone outside themselves, can easily fall short of their full potential and become completely miserable - the family too."

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