52 of 100 Ethnic Jokes Aren’t Funny Anymore

Things change over time. In high school, I was the pro at telling ethnic jokes. Jokes making fun of Polish people were common. I was common to use the N-word to refer to blacks in jokes and we found that funny.

Back then drugs were glamorized. They were seen as cool. This was in the pre-Nancy Reagan “Just Say No” days.

We have come so far since then. In the news, on TV, at home, everywhere, use of the N-word is just not acceptable. You hear it on Comedy Central from black comedians and that’s about it. My daughters, now in their 20s, look down upon people that do hard drugs. It isn’t sexy anymore.

Change for the good and bad is a given. Things always change. Remember that for your business. We can’t just accept that way we do things is right because that’s what we’ve always done. Just like social norms, how we operate, promote ourselves, hire talent, etc. changes.

Getting set in our ways is dangerous.

I’m old enough to remember when no one would use anything by Kodak film to take pictures. Film was developed on Kodak paper. Disney had Kodak spots throughout their parks where you should take a picture. Fuji took a shot at the film market and Kodak fought them off, but they totally missed the shift to digital photography. They had the technology. They could have done it, but they missed it. The Kodak headquarter building still stands in Rochester, NY with the Kodak name is still etched in the stone. It’s a community college now.

Few people remember that horse racing and boxing were the two top sports back in the 60’s and early 70’s. “Horse racing??” “Yes!” I grew up two miles from Hialeah Race Track where 3 years olds ran the Flamingo Stakes.  It was a prep race run before the Kentucky Derby. Football, basketball and other sports promoted themselves hard and took over. Horse racing is now a niche sport followed by only a small few.

I bring this up as a reminder that you must keep your eye on change. Even when you are successful, established and the recognized top performer in your field, you are only seconds away from being replaced. A competitor finds that one thing that changes the rules and you are a has been.

Note to self: Change is inevitable. Use it to your advantage or die!!!

Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Owner's Headlamp is Jorge's brain child. He wishes he had something like this when he started his business. As president and found of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, he's learned that isolated entrepreneurs need resources that aren't really available out there. You'll here him say, "You may do alright, but lonely, isolated business owners with no accountability to anyone outside themselves, can easily fall short of their full potential and become completely miserable - the family too."

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