53 of 100 Negative People Will Be Negative

Some people are just plain negative. Some people can have serious negativity spell. What I’ve found is you really change that. You can’t advise them. I’ve seen people try i it’s like talking to a brick wall expecting it to soften with a convincing argument.  It just isn’t happening.

This can become an issue in your business if you’re dealing with a client, team member or someone close you. It can be frustrating because the receiver isn’t ready or open to hearing your message.

I’ve had several situations recently where I saw someone speaking very negatively. You know when someone’s gotten to to a point where they feel like the world is falling on them. They can’t see any real options. Those of us on the outside can see dozen’s of options, but sharing them does not good. The patient isn’t ready for the medicine.

My recommendation, especially when it’s someone you care for or someone on your team that you need in your business,, is patience. When someone is really negative, what you say can be taken the wrong way and it’s not likely going to do any good anyway.

In situations I’ve witnessed, what the person needed was time. They needed nothing more than time to chill and get away from what was ailing them. It could even be that nothing caused it. They just need the time.

The more I manage people, the more I’ve learned that being that patient listener is important. Now some people are going to be some negative as a way of being that you may need to part way, but what I’ve found is that accepting that people are going to have their moments works. Giving people their space so they can sort through what’s causing that trouble and leading them into that negativity spiral is sometimes the best medicine.

And if you want to preserve the relationship, not working to hurry the process is the best way you can serve them and honor where they are right now.

Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Owner's Headlamp is Jorge's brain child. He wishes he had something like this when he started his business. As president and found of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, he's learned that isolated entrepreneurs need resources that aren't really available out there. You'll here him say, "You may do alright, but lonely, isolated business owners with no accountability to anyone outside themselves, can easily fall short of their full potential and become completely miserable - the family too."

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