About Us

Welcome to Owner’s Headlamp – Lighting the Way for Hard Working Entrepreneurs.  Owner’s Headlamp is a resource for entrepreneurs committed to growing their business to the next level.

OHL was founded by Jorge Lazaro Diaz president and founder of  Larry Jacob Internet Marketing.  When he started his business, he had the expertise.  He had the computer science background and years working in corporate IT positions and consulting roles that prepared him well for the work.  He could deliver for his customers.  He could:

  • estimate,
  • project manage and
  • deliver unmatched Internet marketing and web solution.

In this area of the business, he far exceeding customer expectation. Then…there were other aspects of the business.  Sales were growing, but not as fast as needed.   The business depended entirely on him.  He hadn’t spent much time thinking about how to grow past himself and his one other team member.

Jorge was (and continues to be) so technically sharp, he could take a huge variety of  jobs.  He did because it helped pay the bills, but it kept him from finding a specific niche where he could be at his best.

Worse yet, Jorge was exhausted.  Work was the only thing he ever did and a big part of what he did was stuff wasn’t good at doing.   His to do list was constantly overflowing, while his team member’s lists were empty.  He was the bottleneck and he didn’t know how to change that.

Fortunate, Jorge joined a mastermind group he thought would help him grow technically.  It was a godsend because the group taught him what he needed to learn technically, but they pointed out the shortcomings above and challenged him to make changes to correct that.

Jorge is grateful for all that mastermind offered him. He could NEVER have succeeded like he did without their help.

That’s where Owner’s Headlamp comes in.  He recently asked himself, “What’s out there for guiding business owners facing the struggles I faced?”

Owner’s Headlamp is a collection of resources.  It’s a community of entrepreneurs making use of the these resources and sharing ideas with each other helping to grow their respective businesses.  Take a look around, take what you want and leave the rest.

Please participate.  Share your feedback.  Leave comments.  Reach out and help others.  Become that other owner’s headlamp shining light on what will likely help grow their business.

Hope this helps.