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Michael Phelps Straightens Out His Life…Can I?
Click here to watch, "The Evolution of Michael Phelps."  It tells the story of how Phelps, even after winning 18[...]
The Science Behind Why Teaching Kills Sales
One of the best marketing books I've read in a while is Made to Stick by Chip and Dan Heath.[...]
55 of 100 Clinton, Trump…Olympics??
Given the presidential elections we've endured over the years, I welcome the Olympics.  First of all, my wife and I[...]
Snarling Grouch’s Morning Writing Routine
Roos mused: Roos is thinking along the right track here, especially when it comes to writing earlier in the day.[...]
54 of 100 You Are Going to Die
I ran into the following quote from Steve Jobs: "Remembering that you are going to die is the best way[...]
Pretty Embarrassing (and Gross)…
This is an embarrassing story I've never admitted in public. It's kinda gross too—consider yourself warned. When I was around[...]
53 of 100 Negative People Will Be Negative
Some people are just plain negative. Some people can have serious negativity spell. What I've found is you really change[...]
52 of 100 Ethnic Jokes Aren’t Funny Anymore
Things change over time. In high school, I was the pro at telling ethnic jokes. Jokes making fun of Polish[...]
51 of 100 You Can Never See It the Same Way Again
You've may have already seen a picture like the one below. The picture has two images in it.  You see[...]
50 of 100 Assume You’ll Use Plan B
My three daughters and I visited with my sister and her family in the Florida Keys. Wake boarding was the[...]