Michael Phelps Straightens Out His Life…Can I?

Click here to watch, “The Evolution of Michael Phelps.”  It tells the story of how Phelps, even after winning 18 Olympic medals (this was before the  Rio Olympics) had no purpose.  It tells how he overcame drug and alcohol, how he went through rehab, faced his demons and re-established a broken relationship with is father.  He says reading Rick Warren’s “The Purpose Driven Life” played a big part in this transformation.

I’ve heard about this book before.  I good friend of mine who passed away had recommended to me a while back.  I downloaded a copy of it and started reading it.

Warning:  It’s as overtly Christian as it gets which works for me.

The “Purpose Driven Life” is meant to be read in 40 days.  It’s a  journey.  You read it one short chapter a day, meditate on it throughout the day in order to savor its message for you.  It’s goal is to help you answer the question, “What on Earth am I here for?”

I am on year three of a business that has taken over my life.  I was raised in a happy Catholic Christian home.  I’ve had a healthy spiritual life through out my life.  This entrepreneurial experience, as much as I love it, has taken a toll on me.  I work long hours.  I live and breath this thing…often to a fault.  I fight and claw to bring in sales and am doing OK.  That’s on the surface.  Inside I often feel overworked and overly stressed.

I’ve taken on this 40 day journey.   I need this journey.  I need to re-awaken myself to God’s purpose and plan for my life.  Phelps comment to the friend who introduced him the book is, ““Man this book is crazy! The thing that’s going on…oh my gosh…my brain! I can’t thank you freaking enough, man. You saved my life.”

I’m hoping to offer this nugget of value to my readers.  I challenge you to take on this challenge and see what it does for you.  Please share your experience with us.

Jorge Lazaro Diaz

Owner's Headlamp is Jorge's brain child. He wishes he had something like this when he started his business. As president and found of Larry Jacob Internet Marketing, he's learned that isolated entrepreneurs need resources that aren't really available out there. You'll here him say, "You may do alright, but lonely, isolated business owners with no accountability to anyone outside themselves, can easily fall short of their full potential and become completely miserable - the family too."

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